hoefats beerbox basketball me 2018 0900 small - All-in upcyclingAttention beer fans: The Beer Box by höfats is more than a run-of-the-mill beverage crate. After its initial usage, the box made of Corten steel can be upcycled into a fire basket, grill or stool at the flick of a wrist. Separate accessories are available for the latter two functions. Over the course of time, the material develops a rust patina, which lends the crate is exquisite appearance – and together with its sophisticated multi-purpose usage this is what earned the long-term promotional product a Promotional Gift Award 2020 in the category Communicative Products.

The boxes are stackable, thus the barbecue or fire basket can easily be placed higher. The Beer Box, which is produced in Poland, is equipped with an integrated bottle opener and a cardboard inlay for 0.33 l bottles, so that the contents don’t move around inside the crate. The inlay can subsequently be used as a firelighter. The Beer Box can be individually customised using the laser cutting method.

höfats GmbH


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