Fahnen Herold herold pigment2 - Stardust feeling at the POSPlenty of brands compete to attract the attention of the target group in shopping centres, on shopping streets or at trade shows and events. Companies that want to stand out from the crowd here are well-advised to opt for a literally sparkling idea by Fahnen Herold. The POS and event equipper has now also introduced several customising techniques that are popular in the fashion sector for implementation in the large-surface textile printing segment, including among others the embellishment of fabrics using glitter pigments. These enable eye-catching advertising messages at the POS for example. The focus here lies on piped cloths – fabric reinforced around the edge – as well as on interior decorations, various display systems and plaids. The glitter effect can be realised in diverse colours and it earned Fahnen Herold a Promotional Gift Award in the category Customising Technologies.

The printing fabrics originate from Germany, the customising technology can also be implemented for recycled materials.



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