fare 7799 marine - Singing in the rainFamiliar sounds trigger memories, images and emotions. Thanks to the new, extraordinary umbrella model Sound by Fare, promoting companies can use this opportunity to establish an acoustic association to their brand, product or corporate philosophy – every time the umbrella is used, because it actually does sing in the rain: A loudspeaker integrated into the plastic handle plays back the stored sound automatically when the umbrella opens. An effective mechanism for the multisensory address of customers, which in turn secured the model a distinction in the category Communicative Products. The sound can be turned off by pushing the trigger button again.

The umbrella that is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the amfori BSCI is delivered from stock with an excerpt from the classic melody “Singin‘ in the rain”. However a jingle, audio logo or any other sound can be integrated into the product in the form of an audio file of up to 3.8 MB. Further customising options can be realised per screen printing or as a doming on the handle.

FARE – Guenther Fassbender GmbH


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