HALFAR FAST LANE 3 - In the fast laneHow can a logo be applied to the bag faster? Halfar, the bag specialist’s answer to this question is its new customising technique, Halfar Fast Lane: Not the bag itself is customised, but instead the advertising imprint is produced separately and applied to a carrier that is simply attached to the bag. What’s more, the technique is available for orders of just one piece upwards.

This embellishing technique is implemented for the product series, Frame, the design of which focuses on the presentation of a logo. The carrier can de decorated in four colours with a full-surface LED-UV print. Photo and image motifs with soft colour gradients, borderless prints and four-coloured lettering are also possible.

According to the jury of the Promotional Gift Award, the Halfar Fast Lane customising technique is the holistic answer to the customers’ demands for faster personalisation – a product, service and process innovation and as such a well-deserved award winner in the category Customising Technologies.

Halfar System GmbH


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