Easy Orange YOS Bottles - Healthy and vitalA water bottle and pill box in one: The innovation of the YOS Bottle by Easy Orange is the unique, patented magnet system which allows a pill box to be attached to the bottle in a flash. In this way, the YOS Bottle reminds patients to take their medication regularly – turning it into an individual promotional product with high practical value and communicative potential. Ideal, for instance, for the pharmaceutical industry, health and care facilities as well as hospitals. The jury found this was more than enough reason for the bottle that is made in the Netherlands out of recycled material to win a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products.

Promoting companies can use the bottle to ensure patients stick to their prescribed treatment and at the same time communicate their advertising message thanks to the manifold customising options, i.e. in the form of imprints, individual colours for the lid and pill holder, a personalised sleeve or having the company name embossed into the casting mould. Last, but not least the stylish design makes people feel less embarrassed about taking their medicine.

Easy Orange B.V.

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