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Communicative clip

After the success of the fileable USB sticks file/it, Xlyne is presenting a new generation of the paper clip, the USB clip/me. The item that was developed in [...]

The Power of four

Boasting four functions, the Jam Audio Multitool secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Communicative Products. The all-round talent submitted by Xindao was developed especially [...]

What’s sprouting there?

Sprout is helping the stubby end of pencils to a new life as a plant in the form of the Sprout Pencil. The writing instrument classic made out [...]

Out of the box

Selter is offering promoting companies Bitbox - a practical promotional product that can be put to good use in every household: The miniature toolbox made of silicon contains [...]

Bag with doors

Bags by Riedle proved how the practical use of a paper carrier bag can be combined with a sales promotion campaign in the form of its Coupon-Bag, which [...]

For eternity

Companies that want to leave a lasting impression on their target group should definitely opt for Eterno. The retro eternal calendar by Responsor that is made out of [...]

Versatile promotional products

As a result of its extreme versatility and excellent customising options the Infinity Bumper by Raxy Line impressed the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2014 and thus [...]

Small, fine, communicative

It has finally arrived: the new, leak-proof, sealable mini thermal mug that fits underneath conventional coffee machines. The Coffee To Go Mug Mini by Octogone not only makes [...]

The longest torch in the world

The Leuchtmeter (Luminous Rule) by meterex is quite literally a highlight, which was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Communicative Products. The model made [...]

Refillable lip care

A patented plug-in system ensures that the elegant lip care stick Lipcare Cover by KHK can be refilled with standard lip care products. A must-have for beauty queens [...]