pga 2017 orcas - Unbeatable trioConveying advertising messages using the Triangle-Box by Orcas runs like clockwork. The desk utensil has three folding wings for storing utensils, whilst the middle compartment can be used as a pen butler. The special feature: The side parts than can be locked tight using magnets can be individually filled. The standard execution of the Triangle-Box is equipped with 50 two-coloured sticky memos (75 × 65 mm), 5 x 20 index tabs made of plastic in five standard colours and a 7 x 7 cm foam insert with three predefined cut-outs. On request, alterations or having the item filled with pre-supplied goods are possible. Furthermore, the office assistant that won a Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Communicative Products can be individually customised with an all-round print.

The three respective sides of the box can be separately individualised so it offers a high communicative potential for the presentation of new products, services, company mottos or for the presentation of samples goods.

Orcas Customized Products GmbH & Co.KG

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