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Fascinating insights

Trivtec is presenting HoloCine, a projector device that transforms videos and photos into holograms and which was distinguished with a prize in the category Give-aways. The innovation lies [...]

Extremely flexible

Variety at the flick of a wrist: The sunglasses by The China Office Europe can be worn on both sides because the arms can be folded back in [...]

Do you fancy a bear?

When asked next time “Do you fancy a bear?” instead of “Do you fancy a beer?”, the new Tea-Bears by Kalfany Süße Werbung could be the reason. The [...]

Renaissance of the coffee morning

Good old filter coffee is completely en vogue at the moment. However, it is difficult to prepare it by the cup, which is why many people opt for [...]

Surprise, surprise

DiPSS holds a surprise effect in store: The individualisable straw attachment can be filled with a message in the form of a note and can be opened using [...]

A lid for all purposes

Saying a relaxed cheers when toasting friends in the park is now possible thanks to KoRKi® by brandident, because the bottle top made out of silicon puts an [...]