pga 2017 trivtec - Fascinating insightsTrivtec is presenting HoloCine, a projector device that transforms videos and photos into holograms and which was distinguished with a prize in the category Give-aways. The innovation lies in the compact design of the projector, which offers a large advertising surface and enables it to be dispatched as a flat package. Two executions are available: In the case of the model V, two projection foils are aligned in such a way that the images can be watched and projected from both sides. With the S version, one foil is positioned behind the other. The video or photo is at the best only poorly visible on the display of the mobile phone and only becomes an overall picture when viewed through the projector.

HoloCine is customised in a German, FSC-certified printing shop – as a standard with a CMYK digital print in order to enable small volumes. However, for orders of corresponding quantities it is also possible to implement any other paper imprinting technique. On request, the projector device can be made out of recycling paper and delivered using a climate-neutral process.


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