Herzapfelhof Apfelsaftbox individuell 3858d 300x200 - Fruitful customer careThe Heart Apple Farm Lühs doesn’t conjure up novelties out of a sack, but instead actually places them inside one: Hence the Promo-Organic-Apple Juice comes in the bag-in-box – a 5 l juice sack in a box with an integrated tap. Because the juice doesn’t come into contact with the air, it remains fresh for at least a month after being opened (for at least nine months until opened), which guarantees a long presence in the proximity of the customer. The box can be stored chilled or non-chilled. Awarded with a prize in the category Communicative Products at the Promotional Gift Award 2019, the Promo-Organic-Apple Juice in the bag-in-box not only displays high communicative potential, but also convinces in culinary terms. The organic fruit farm works following biologically dynamic guidelines (Demeter) and serves its freshly pressed direct juice from organic apples without additives or added sugar. Thanks to the cardboard construction of the box that is produced in Germany, the entire box can be individually customised for minimum orders of 100 pieces. On request a customer logo can be integrated into the existing design or the box can be completely individualised according to the customer’s requirements. The integrated tap turns the fruity refreshment into the ideal event utensil for picnics, grill parties, company parties and co. The advertising campaigns of promoting companies are rounded off by events like joint fruit picking on the Heart Apple Farm.

Herzapfelhof Lühs GmbH & Co. KG

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