pga 2017 boombaox 300x225 - Pop culture meets cardboard boxThe jury members of the Promotional Gift Award 2017 were given plenty to hear from the Studio Axel Pfaender: The Berlin Boombox is a smartphone loudspeaker made of high-quality corrugated cardboard in ghetto blaster retro look that delivers powerful sound thanks to its digital audio technology. Designed as a construction kit that is child’s play to assemble, the box incites the play instinct and automatically draws attention to logos, motifs and advertising messages, which can be applied to the casing to achieve a head-turning effect for minimum order volumes of 100 pieces. SABMiller and Heineken Germany already implemented the loudspeaker that won an award in the category Communicative Products as an invitation mailing in connection with a social media campaign as well as for a festival prize draw. The item also makes an ideal premium.

The Berlin Boombox is made in Berlin out of recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard using solvent-free dyes; the Mosaik Workshops for the Disabled in Berlin takes care of the packaging, storage and dispatch. The easy construction and the flat, plastic-free packaging mean transporting the item efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

BERLIN BOOMBOX/Studio Axel Pfaender

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