BloomsOutOfTheBox V2 sfeer 25 - A box of green happinessIt brings fresh greenery, oxygen and a good mood to the office or one’s home and is extremely easy to care for – the BloomsBox ensures promoting companies a popular sustainable presence. The patented box developed by the young Dutch company, Blooms out of the Box, allows plants to be dispatched using minimum packaging which thanks to its in-built water reservoir can simply be used as a plant pot for the green gift. A special wick system in the plant pot provides the plants with the necessary water and ensures that air-cleansing ferns, dwarf spruce and co. stay fresh for as long as possible.

Thanks to the logos and motifs laser engraved or stamped onto the box, brands are always visible and present in the everyday lives of their target groups. The clever dispatch system and the simple handling also turn the BloomsBox into the ideal green eye-catcher at trade shows and events – which was one of the reasons why the jury distinguished the well thought-out box with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Premium Products.

The boxes are produced in the Netherlands in collaboration with workshops for the disabled and in addition to air-cleansing plants and small Christmas trees they can also be filled with herbs or decorative dried flowers for instance.

Blooms out of the Box B.V.

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