AM Kreativfabrik 20221116 102124 bearb 267x300 - Fiery bouquetProducts made from beeswax are exceptionally trendy. However, the raw material that is made by the diligent insects is extremely precious, especially considering that it takes about 150,000 bees to produce just one kilogramme of beeswax. It is therefore totally understandable that A&M Kreativfabrik make sure they collect any leftovers from the production of their beeswax cloths and reuse them where possible.

This is how the idea for the Upcycling Fire Flowers arose, which due to the combustibility of the material make ideal firelighters for instance for the BBQ, open fire or torches. The leftover cloths are produced in Germany in a social organisation for people with disabilities and crafted into beautifully looking flowers. Tied into a bouquet, the Fire Flowers can be individually designed with a banderole on the stems. Individual flowers can be customised with a flag or pendant.

Campaigns become particularly coherent if customers first of all order beeswax cloths in their own design from A&M Kreativfabrik and subsequently have their own Fire Flowers made from their production waste.

The jury distinguished the colourful bouquet of promotional ideas that can be realised using the Fire Flowers with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products.

A&M Kreativfabrik GmbH

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