Victorinox CUT Foldable Paring Knives G 1 - Cuts the best figureColourful, compact and foldable: In the case of the Swiss Classic by the Swiss knife experts Victorinox, reserved design meets an extra portion of personality. The foldable vegetable knife by Victorinox is a high-quality and durable all-rounder that can be implemented for many purposes thanks to its serrated edge. Whether used in the kitchen, for picnics in the park or when hiking in the mountains – the space-saving foldable knife made from stainless steel is safe to use and quickly advances into becoming the recipient’s favourite travel knife. The quality and high practical value of the Swiss Classic convinced the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2022 and earned the Swiss brand-name knife a prize in the category Premium Products.

For the production of the knife, Victorinox places great value on the sparing and efficient handling of resources and manufactures the items in Switzerland following an environmentally-friendly process. The heat generated during the production process is for example used to heat the building at the head office as well as 120 apartments. Furthermore, the company collects all of the left-over steel from the knife production and delivers it back to the steelworks so it can be used to produce new knives. The knives can be individualised with a choice of six different handle colours and the blades can be personalised using the etching technique.


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