Terms of Conditions


A handling and judging fee of

September-Deal: 200 Euros (up until September 30, 2022)
October-Deal: 240 Euros (October 1 until 31, 2022)
November-Deal: 280 Euros (November 1 until 25, 2022)

plus the rate of VAT applicable in Germany, currently 19%,  will be charged for each submitted item (Reverse Charge procedure).  You will be sent an invoice once the products and the application have been received. Only those items for which the handling and judging fee has been paid, will be accepted for the judging procedure.

Please transfer the said amount to the following account:

Raiffeisenbank Kürten-Odenthal
BLZ: 370 691 25
Konto: 2 115 510 021
IBAN: DE03 3706 9125 2115 510 0 21



All entries are liable to VAT, since the venue of the competition isGermany.


General terms and conditions of business

Insurance and return of the submitted article

If the value of the product renders it necessary, please insure the item against theft and damages. The competition organiser assumes no liability. The submitted products remain at the disposal of the organiser for archiving and exhibition purposes after the competition is over.

A submitted product will only be returned on specific request – and if the corresponding return shipping costs are paid. The organiser assumes no liability for the loss or damage of the objects.

Products, which are awarded prizes during the competition, are needed for exhibition purposes. After the competition, the organisers will retain the submitted entries for a while for exhibition purposes. They will subsequently be returned to the applicants as long as this option, which also entails costs for returning the item(s), was selected.

For the judging process original products are needed including all necessary batteries or other accessories. One-off items, products that are not (yet) suitable for mass-production, half-finished products, as well as services and immaterial products are ruled out from the competition.


Industrial property rights

The sender of a product assures that he has no knowledge of any claims or third party rights (particularly concerning industrial property rights and rights of use) regarding the submitted objects. Objects, which infringe the industrial property rights of third parties, are ruled out from participating in the PROMOTIONAL GIFT AWARD©. If legal proceedings are ongoing concerning a submitted object, the participant is obliged to inform the organiser of this fact. The participant is liable for all damages caused to the organizer should a third party make claims against the organizer for any possible violation of his rights regarding the submitted item. This also applies for the reasonable costs for legal defense. The participant is liable in the event of a violation against the claims of third parties regarding the submitted items. The participant indemnifies the organiser against all claims made by third parties. The participant assumes liability in the event of the infringement of third part rights concerning submitted objects. He indemnifies the organiser from the claims of third parties.


Shipping costs and customs duties

The costs for the delivery and collection ― including any possible customs duties ― of the submitted items are to be borne by the participating company. The organiser assumes no liability for the proper or functionally correct construction of submitted articles that are dismantled.

Public prize
An public prize will be awarded to the three products that receive the highest number of user votes. Users are allowed to submit one vote each for as many products as they like. The unique vote will be guaranteed by the registration of the personalised email, which will only count once per product. The voting begins as soon as the product is placed on the voting page after full registration of the product (on October 4, at the earliest) and ends in December on the second day of the judging session of the respective year.

Acceptance of the terms of participation and place of jurisdiction

On entering the PROMOTIONAL GIFT AWARD© the participants accept the terms of this competition. The place of jurisdiction for this contract isCologne,Germany.


Guidelines for the use of the Promotional Gift Award logos for award-winners

Logo implementation & product advertising

As a Promotional Gift Award prize-winner you can use the logo in all forms of media (print, online, video, TV, exhibition stands, catalogues, web shops, mailings, campaigns, etc.) in connection with the product that has won the award, i.e. which has been distinguished by the expert jury in one of the categories.

  • The size of the logo illustrated has to be large enough so that the Promotional Gift Award lettering and the year is legible.
  • The colour and format of the logo cannot be changed and it is not permitted to omit the lettering.
  • Additions, particularly in the form of the winners, first winner or market leader, etc. are not permitted in accordance with competition law.
  • The quality of the illustration of the logo has to be professional.
  • The logo cannot be used in connection with further products.
  • The logo cannot be used in connection with further products that have been submitted for entry to the Promotional Gift Award, but which did not win.
  • The logo may not be used in connection with rubrics that contain the award-winning product and similar products, but which did not win.
  • It is necessary that there is a direct association to the product that has won the prize, i.e. the logo is not allowed to be placed between the award-winning product and a further product.
  • The Promotional Gift Award logo can also be used for the further developments of award-winning products, as long as the unique characteristics of the award certificate still apply to the product and the product is still of comparable appearance to that of the award-winning product.
  • Technology/customising prize: All products that have been customised with the award-winning technology are allowed to carry the logo distinction. (**)


Logo implementation corporate advertising
The Promotional Gift Award logo can be implemented with or without the year in the company’s communications and design award overviews, in the scope of quality and certification overviews or also in company history, background or product range overviews, regardless of the form of media. Also in the scope of corporate exhibition presences. One is not permitted to raise the impression that other products, other than those promotional products distinguished by the expert jury, have won the award.
Global use with other, non award-winning products of the company is not permitted.


Text design
It is not permitted to claim that the Promotional Gift Award has been solely won by the promoting company. There are several award-winners each year and they have all attained the same ranking in the given category.
All products that have achieved a certain amount of points in the selection process according to the catalogue of criteria are award-winners.

Further restrictions and notes

  • Since the year 2006 the awards have not been divided up into the classifications gold, silver and bronze. Award-winners from the years previous to that have been presented with relaunched logos with the respective year addendum.
  • Participants and finalists of the Promotional Gift Award are not permitted to use the logo to promote their products, only award-winning products are allowed to use the logo and the corresponding year.
  • It is possible to check whether a product won an award in the years 2002-2021 on the website www.promotionaward.com.
  • It is only permitted to list award-winning products in advertising campaigns or web shop areas of external companies in an overall rubric “Promotional Gift Award” if WA Publishing has given its express consent.

Public prize logo

The winner of the public prize receives a special Promotional Gift Award logo accompanied by the words “public prize”. Only this logo can be used to advertise the award-winning products, not the official logo of the jury prize. Should the submitted product win both a jury prize and an public prize, both logos can be implemented at will.

Award-winners can order logo material from WA Publishing at any time.

We reserve ourselves the right to take legal action if the above-mentioned stipulations are not observed.