Premium Square Europe Backpack BAG001 sfeer 1 - Mobile displayRucksacks have made up part of the product ranges of most premium shops for some time already and branded rucksacks also go down well with fans and buyers as merchandising items. But rucksacks that can shine out a different, individual message into the world every day in just a few clicks, are few and far between.

Hence, the Smart LED Backpack by Premium Square Europe not only impresses true technology fans with its waterproof, in-built LED screen, but also ensures a modern and attention-grabbing method of conveying advertising messages. Texts, photos or the company logo are simply transmitted to the screen via an app. Totally new possibilities for communicating messages ensue as a result. For instance, during the COVID-19 crisis it can encourage people to keep their distance.

Furthermore, the rucksack itself boasts a well thought-out layout: In addition to the main compartment, there is an integrated compartment especially for laptops or tablets. The backpack offers additional space for documents, books and laptop accessories and the soft, foam material protects all items carried inside the rucksack. What’s more, the Smart LED Backpack features ergonomic straps, which increase the wearing comfort. Added together all of these aspects led to the item winning a Promotional Gift Award in the category Premium Products.

Premium Square Europe BV


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