Suthor TrendCup Groessen - For green eventsCoffee-to-go mugs that are detrimental to the environment are a huge problem that could be solved simply if more ecological materials were implemented. Suthor is now expanding its offer of sustainable promotional products with the mug series TrendCup and won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Give-aways in the process.

The predecessor, the RecyCup (Promotional Gift Award winner in 2019), was the company’s first recyclable mug thanks to the reduced PE content. The successor model, TrendCup, even goes a step further, because the series is totally plastic-free – without compromising the quality in terms of haptic feel and stability. The TrendCups are of course also recyclable, if required also compostable. FSC and climate-neutral certifications round off the sustainable attributes of the series. The TrendCups grant valuable raw materials a second life in the recycling loop – after the advertising message has been conveyed to the public.

The TrendCups are available as a single-walled mug for minimum order volumes of 250 pieces, the minimum quantities for the double-walled models are slightly higher. The mugs are currently available in the sizes 0.1, 0.18, 0.2 and 0.3 l. Depending on the edition, a full-colour and full-colour CMYK all-round customisation as a digital or offset print is possible so that the plastic-free cup can be branded and used for all types of events.

Suthor Papierverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG

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