TRIK Taycan RC Car 1 nm - Exclusive driving experienceThe Model Car Taycan by Trik guarantees motoring fun in miniature format. To make the waiting time for the new Porsche Taycan more entertaining for buyers, interested customers and their children, together with Chromedia Dialogmarketing, Trik jointly created a true-to-detail model car to the scale of 1:28.

The small, sporty racing cars are equipped with 4-wheel drive, independent suspension and power steering. The headlights light up with a bright, cool LED light when the car is in operation, whilst the rear lights comprise of a continuous luminous strip that lights up more strongly at both ends to simulate the brake lights. The mini-Porsche is steered per Bluetooth and the respective app, which is designed to look like the cockpit of the original. The high-quality rubber tyres are ideal for outdoor tracks.

The racing car convinced the jury across the board in the category Custom-made Designs. The innovative technology of the original vehicle was reproduced in miniature form and thus vividly communicated to the target group, in turn making the new Porsche experienceable and tangible.

In addition to the Porsche model’s already high degree of individualisation, the colour of the car paint can be personalised. The wheels or further exterior features can also be customised. Last, but not least, the individual colours, logos and CI specifications can be implemented in the app.

Trik Produktionsmanagement GmbH

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