Prodir True Biotic PR Frei - Environmental protection at its lightestFrom nature for nature: The retractable ballpoint pen QS40 True Biotic by the Swiss writing instrument specialist, Prodir, convinces with its innovative material made of PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate). These so-called biopolymers are obtained from microorganisms using a natural biosynthesis process and can be completely degraded or composted – in soil, salt or fresh water – without leaving a trace. The carbon cycle remains closed hereby and the entire material is transformed without any losses.

Different colours are available for the individualisation of the pen, a logo or advertising message can be attached to the clip in the form of a pad print.

The model is particularly suitable for industries and companies that want to draw attention to their sustainability philosophy and make it visible.

The predecessor QS40 Air already saved considerable material resources with its innovative honeycomb structure compared to writing instruments of conventional design. However, with the new model QS40 True Biotic, the manufacturer is reaching a new dimension in environmental protection. The implementation of the novel biopolymer guarantees users a 100% bio-degradable product. “The material is impressive and Prodir is frequently one step ahead,” the jury members claimed and presented the QS40 True Biotic with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Give-aways.

Pagani Pens SA/Prodir


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