PAC xViralOff vs - Combatting virusesThe innovative multifunctional scarf ViralOff by P.A.C. reduces 99% of viruses and bacteria on textile surfaces within just two hours with its antiviral finish. The item is particularly practical for use in this pandemic-stricken era: As a result of the antiviral finish of the polyester material, the multifunctional scarf doesn’t have to be washed daily and thus becomes a viable, everyday alternative to masks. Always ready at hand around the neck, it is practical to implement and will even prove to be a useful companion once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. The antiviral effect is tested in compliance with ISO 18184:2019.

The design of both the textile and packaging can be individualised to match the respective CI. Here, promoting companies have the choice between own designs or having one created by P.A.C. Especially interesting for companies or institutes with a young target group: The scarf is also available for children in adapted sizes and special designs.
Furthermore, ViralOff is “made in Germany”. P.A.C. partly produces the electricity needed to manufacture the items itself at its location in Schweinfurt and also places great importance on high social standards. “The antiviral finish is a very clever further development,” assessed the jury and promptly awarded the scarf a prize in the category Communicative Products.

P.A.C. GmbH

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