Maikii Liz bearb - Smart flaskThe digital, self-cleaning vacuum flask, Liz by Maikii takes a further step towards improved hygiene. Its special benefit lies in its technology: The in-built cleaning system uses UV-C rays to eliminate to 99% viruses and odour-causing bacteria. The thermos flask is thus particularly suitable for use as a brand ambassador of companies from the cleaning and hygiene segment, for instance.

The lid contains a touch-sensitive sensor. Tapped once the temperature of the contents is displayed, tapping the lid twice triggers off the self-cleaning process. If the flask made of surgical stainless steel and plastic is not touched for two hours, the blinking LED lamp reminds the user to take a drink.

Thanks to its double-walled construction, Liz keeps liquids warm or cold for 12 to 24 hours. The 500 mAh lithium battery provides power for a month when the UV self-cleaning process is activated once a day and it can be recharged via a USB cable. The smart flask is available in white, black or red and is individualised with a laser engraving.

Liz not only impresses with its superior design, its high degree of innovation also contributed towards it winning a Promotional Gift Award in the category Premium Products.

Maikii s.r.l.

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