Herzapfelhof Bio Apfelprobierkiste - Every bite an experienceEating apples as an event? Absolutely! Thanks to the Organic Apple Sampling Case by Herzapfelhof Lühs, a healthy snack is transformed into a delicious entertainment programme. Whether alone or as part of a team, whether Corona-compatible per video broadcast or at a summer festival after the pandemic – filled with four different types of apples the elegant wooden crate will provide fruity taste experiences. On these merits the item won a Promotional Gift Award 2021 in the category Premium Products.

Every organic apple is labelled with a paper tag on the stalk so that the variety is clearly recognisable. Fan-format info sheets containing images of the types of apples and information allows the recipient to gain in-depth knowledge.

The Herzapfelhof in Alten Land near Hamburg operates a show garden with 250 different types of apples in organic/Demeter quality. The varieties of apples are put together depending on the season and availability. According to the desired theme, different varieties can be combined to allow the preferred type to be determined.

The high-quality wooden crate is customised with a logo in the form of a laser branding or with any other desired motif on the long side of the crate. The information sheets on the varieties in fan format can be enhanced with individually designed cards or a logo print.

Herzapfelhof Lühs

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