Confiserie Burg Lauenstein 18791 Boden - Tee meets cocoaPeople who enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of fine chocolate will love the Tea chocolate tin of Confiserie Burg Lauenstein. After years of development and the support of leading tea experts, the Bavarian company has created a unique, innovative and new taste: Tea chocolate made from real tea.

It is packed inside a flat tin of attractive design, which is a genuine eye-catcher as a result of its individual colouring and the 3D relief embossing. The tin can is produced by the company Decogroup AC and can be recycled with ease. The cocoa is a Fairtrade product. The tea chocolate tin is individualised with striking labels, bows or banderols. The original idea combined with the exclusive taste of the chocolate earned the Tea chocolate tin an award in the category Premium Products. The delicious treat not only turns heads as an unusual gift for tea and chocolate fans, but also as an innovative new development with added enjoyment factor.

Confiserie Burg Lauenstein GmbH

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