Freewings 20190916 00417 - Always ready to handFree, individual, bag, stylish and safe: That is the apt description of the innovation Fibs, which secured itself a distinction in the category Communicative Products because of its practical usage and wide individualising options. Whether used when hiking, jogging or simply when going for a stroll on holiday – the wrist straps with several integrated mini pockets (Fingerbags for short) offer ample room for personal items and can be worn around the wrist, upper arm or ankle, alternatively they can be attached to a belt or necklace. Not only do they keep the wearer’s hand free ― the bags that have been registered for patent also offer the advantage that they always remain in view. On request, the Fibs models can also be equipped with a RFID protection device.

To ensure optimal wearing comfort in the case of contact with the skin, the everyday assistants are made of antibacterial, breathable and water-repellent through to waterproof recycling material. The bags are Fair Trade and Oeko-Tex 100-certified and can be sent back to the manufacture after use so that they can be turned into new Fibs bags.

In addition to the shape, size as well as the desired number of pockets and fasteners, Fibs also offer numerous individualising options regarding the colour, material, zips and thread. Furthermore, the bags can be individually decorated with a print, embroidery or applications such as crystals, pearls, metal or electronic devices.


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