Araco InternationalCapBerlinsublimierteSchirmunterseite - Heady capital city feelingTogether with Pro Inventive, Araco is decorating the heads of hip Berlin fans with a particularly stylish cap. The High Profile Cap – BERLIN was developed especially for the German capital city and its souvenir shops.

An innovative and modern design turn the cap into a true eye-catcher. At the same time an acrylic/wool blend ensures pleasant wearing comfort and guarantees that the model retains its nice fit long-term. The special embellishment options – an all-over sublimation print on the underside of the peak as well as a 3D embroidery on the front – finish off the design perfectly. The caps are an ideal way of making sure a short trip to Berlin quite literally sticks to mind.

The headwear item was completely designed to meet individual specifications and not only excels in terms of city marketing, it also scored top marks in the category Merchandising at the Promotional Gift Award 2021. The striking and trendy design of the cap carries the modern and creative spirit of the City of Berlin out into the world.

ARACO International


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