pga 2017 moleskine - Taking note 2.0The Smart Writing Set by Moleskine offers concrete support in picking up digital natives at the interface between online and offline. The innovation that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles combines all of the advantages of analogue creativity with the comprehensive possibilities of a digital workplace. For example, ideas can be jotted down manually on the Paper Tray made out of FSC-certified paper, whereby every movement of the Pen+ is synchronised in real-time on a connected, digital device. The notes or sketches traditionally put to paper by hand can subsequently be digitally further processed – i.e. in colour – saved and shared with colleagues, customers or friends using popular graphic and text formats. Great emphasis is also placed on the individualising options at Moleskine, which range from book cover embossing, to customisations per screen-print, through to CI-compatible imprinted paper banderoles.

Moleskine B2B Distribution D-A-CH

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