pga 2017 khk - Kissing campaignIt is not only difficult to breathe, smell and taste when you have a terrible cold, it almost makes kissing impossible. “Breath for the nicest thing in the world” is the name of the motto of an original campaign for the cold remedy GeloMyrtol forte®, which promoted the benefits of the product namely “free airways” in trade and consumer magazines, in online advertising, outdoor campaigns and a TV spot.

To complement the campaign a product was sought after that could be implemented in high volumes, be used as a sales-promoting item for chemists and as a give-away at pharmaceutical fairs. Furthermore, the product had to suit the vegetable-based remedy GeloMyrtol® forte as well as the theme “mouth and throat” in general.

The perfect opportunity for the Lipcare Greeting Card by KHK: The vegan, certified lip care stick harmonises perfectly with the naturopathic product, what’s more the “made in Germany” production as well as the Natrue certification meet the quality demand of the pharmaceutical company, Pohl-Boskamp. The large advertising surface of the folding card not only fulfils the predefined aim of promoting the pharmaceutical products, but also allows sufficient space for an emotional advertisement and a photo of the medicine. The haptic contents of the GeloMyrtol® campaign developed by GD Werbemittel won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.


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