pga 2017 sonne - From the building site to the officeThe Präsentstudio Soennecken vividly demonstrated how the theme of scaffolding can be conveyed by a direct association to a haptic advertising messenger at the Promotional Gift Award 2017: The desk utensil Scaffolding Construction Edition designed for the scaffolding firm, Scafom Rux, that predominantly comprises of industry-specific materials. For instance, the notepad is attached using hammerhead screws, the letter opener is made in the shape of a pressed ring-screw and the pen butler and the paperclip compartment are made of sawn and deburred scaffolding tubes. The base of the product made in Germany is a robust oak board with the corresponding recesses.

The combination between robust metal parts and oak lends the desk accessory that secured itself a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs a high-quality appearance, what’s more the solid workmanship ensures that the item achieves a long-lasting promotional impact. A small practical extra: A magnet has been sunk into the wood of the paperclip compartment to prevent the paperclips from falling out.

Präsentstudio SOENNECKEN e.K.

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