pga 2017 offset - Atmospheric Xmas villageOffsetdruckerei Schwarzach picked up a very special prize with a unique advent calendar: a Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles. The prize-winning product is nicely decorated by children’s drawings of 24 houses that are embedded in large packaging. Furthermore, the attention-grabbing countdowner builds a cross-media bridge between print and digital, because the children explain the drawings in a video that can be called up using a QR code or which addresses Christmas greetings to the recipient. The reusable model is filled with chocolate.

The distinguished calendar is produced in Austria from FSC-certified materials following a climate-neutral process. The working initiative, Integra, which employs the long-term unemployed and disabled people is responsible for the handicraft and finishing. In addition to the possibility of having the bow imprinted, special editions with individual print motifs are also possible.

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach Gesellschaft mbH

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