Stainer MagicTattoo 1 300x200 - Skin-tight surpriseThe Magic Tattoos by Stainer promise that woweffects can be experienced skin-deep. The temporary adhesive tattoos are applied to the skin using water, last approx. two to six days and are sweat and water-proof. This means they can be ideally implemented among others at sporting events. The magical thing about them: The dermatologically tested transfer images are produced using a unique customising method during the process of which the imprint is “concealed“. This allows prize draw codes, advertising messages, entry numbers and whole motifs to be realised that only become visible once applied to the skin. In addition to the 4c spectrum of shades and the white background of the motif, metallic colours, gold and silver are also realisable. The Magic Tattoos that won a distinction in the category Give-aways are produced in Austria and comply with the EG 1223/2009 cosmetics directive. The transfer paper and protective foil are compostable and recyclable. Promoting companies can have the transfer images that are available in various formats completely individually designed, i.e. with a logo and in CI colours. The reverse side can be one or 4-colour imprinted – however the distributing company, age rating and contents do have to be displayed.

Stainer Schriten & Siebdruck GmbH & Co.KG

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