RIEDLE LongLife Lentikular Front Up 300x200 - Portable eye-catcherThe Riedle LongLife®/Lenticular is a paper carrying bag made of long-fibred, British special cardboard in a thickness of 270 g/m² that excels due to its quality, stability and multiple usage. Tested according to the DIN EN 13590, registered with DIN-CERTCO and tested by the TU Graz and the Paper Technology Institute for its resilience and load capacity, the bag proves to be a highly ecologically and economically efficient, sustainable promotional product. Furthermore, the practical companion is decorated with a 5c imprinted 3D lenticular panel and an opaque white screen print, which turns it into a particularly eye-catching promotional item. The technology that according to Bags by Riedle is being implemented for the first time achieves a 3D effect that is not possible using conventional printing techniques. The remaining surfaces of the paper carrying bag can be individualised with a hot foil and relief embossing; there is additionally a choice between numerous sizes, formats, carrying straps and cords. The jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2019 awarded the item a prize in the category Communicative Products and came to the unanimous conclusion that the innovative customising technique in the form of the Riedle LongLife®/Lenticular 3D lenticular panel makes the product a spectacular item – best prerequisites for a “walking placard” that the carrier will proudly use as frequently as possible as an advertising contact.


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