Twinvay IMG 7879 300x200 - On the safe sideWhether in the club, bar or at a festival – Xantus by Twinvay checks drinks fast and simply to make sure they don’t contain knock-out drops and at the same time looks like a conventional admission wristband. The rapid test integrated into the wristband can be used to conveniently test whether the respective liquid contains the substances ketamine (field A) and GHB (field B) – the basis for common K.O. drops – by dripping a few drops of the fluid on them. In this way, event organisers can communicate a sense of responsibility, protection and care towards their guests and will thus ensure they are a step ahead of their fellow rivals. Xantus comprises of cardboard that can be simply recycled and imprinted as desired. Designed in CI colours, the armband around the wrist reminds the wearer of the event for a long time to come, which with its special safety precautions is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation. In addition to its high practical value, the drink-check wristband directly arouses awareness for the danger of K.O. drops, which are predominantly mixed into the drinks of women and girls without them noticing, directly on-site. Twinvay received a Promotional Gift Award in the category Giveaways for its innovative safety accessory.

Twinvay UG

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