Koziol 4003668 KLIKK 300x200 - Disposable sent packingWith a clear statement against disposable cutlery, koziol secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Communicative Products: Klikk is a set of practical, stylish togo cutlery that convinces with its classic form, comfortable size and a sophisticated click mechanism – all of the parts can be snapped together and taken apart again without having to puzzle for long. To take the set apart the tip of the knife simply has to be raised upwards and pulled down. Whether for lunch in the office a picnic in the park – anyone who eats his meal en route, will find Klikk the convenient dining aid. Promoting companies on the other hand can use it as an attractive marketing tool: The multi-component set enables three colour options in one go and turns it into the perfect messenger for multi-phase mailings, but the reusable cutlery set also makes an ideal onpack or response item. Individual customisations are possible in the form of an imprint or laser engraving. Klikk is made out of thermoplastic, foodsafe plastic that is 100% recyclable and free from plasticisers and harmful substances. Alternatively, the cutlery is also offered in the new, CO2-reduced “koziol organic” material. The product is manufactured in Erbach/Odenwald under observance of strict environmental guidelines and German social standards.

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