Promonotes DSC2068 small 300x200 - A touch of silver and goldPromonotes ennobles written notes, sketches and drafts with its Mindnotes® notebooks in silver and gold, which people love to touch again and again thanks to their velour-like soft-touch material “Verona”. The velvety surface lends the exclusive model a tangibly luxurious appearance. The customising options of the Mindnotes® notebooks that were awarded a prize in the category Communicative Products include blind and foil embossing as well as foil embossings with a gold leaf finish. Colourful accents can be added with the aid of accessories such as pen loops or fastening straps, the headers and footers, bag and individual sheets can be individually designed. Furthermore, the notebooks can be enhanced with additional advertising pages and even the type of paper and colours can be varied. As well as in gold and silver, the soft-touch material “Verona” is currently also available in charcoal, dark-blue, taupe and red.

Promonotes GmbH

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