Thimm Handyhalter 300x199 - Single-material, added valueThe Thimm SmartphoneBag made of 100% corrugated cardboard, protects the smartphone while it is being charged, at the same time keeps it ready to hand, prevents stumbling blocks and finally excels as an eco-friendly alternative to solutions made of plastic. Due to the fact that it can be imprinted on both sides, the charging sleeve also ensures a high promotional impact and among others can be ideally implemented for seasonal or alternating campaigns. Striking designs come into their own perfectly just as much as personalisations, eye-catching slogans or distinctive logos. As a recyclable, single-material solution that is 100% made of corrugated cardboard, the sustainable messenger furthermore conveys a sense of responsibility on behalf of the promoting company. The Thimm SmartphoneBag can be customised with a high-quality digital print and thus offers complete flexibility, i.e. for product launches. The item that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Give-aways makes an ideal promotional product for the manufacturers of smartphones, telecommunications service providers or hotel chains.

Thimm Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG

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