BLoony Balloon Holder 300x200 - Showing stanceThe balloon holder by B-Loony is an ideal tool for handing over balloons and furthermore proves to be a practical alternative to balloon sticks made of plastic that are to be banned EU-wide from 2021 onwards. The holders made of multi-layered, PEFC-certified cardboard – like the latex balloons of B-Loony – are bio-degradable, boast a registered design that is pending a worldwide patent. The innovation from the south of England received a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Give-aways. The jury found the product to be simple and ingenious in equal parts: It is favourably-priced, environmentally- friendly and replaces balloon sticks made of plastic. The numerous possible fields of application of the balloon holder are certainly not made out of thin air, the item can namely be implemented for charity events through to POS promotions and additionally shines out as the ideal advertising messenger for environmental campaigns. The handy assistant can be full-surface imprinted with a CMYK print.

B-Loony Ltd

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