marcolor Kalli marcolor Stay clean 300x200 - Homely humourmarcolor is helping make doing the dishes more fun with Kalli. The clever, clean and sustainable dishwashing aid can be imprinted with individual slogans and designs – as a result of word games and motifs comprising of text and images, amusing and attention-grabbing give-aways arise that brighten up an overall rather tiresome affair. The original sponge cloth that won an award in the category Give-aways impresses all target groups with its creative design. Kalli is made out of the regrowing raw materials wood cellulose and cotton and is customised using GOTS-certified water-based dyes. Once the cloth has served its purpose it can simply be thrown in the organic rubbish bin or on the compost heap. The sponge cloth is available from stock in eight standard colours and can be full-surface imprinted in 17 standard colours, whereby it is also possible to have it imprinted in Pantone or HKS colours. Several cloths can be packed in a 4c-imprinted sleeve or in a polybag with a 4c-printed inlay.

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