mcs 1E5Q4769 300x200 - Fully transparentThe Smart NFC Power Bank that mcs submitted for entry to the Promotional Gift Award 2019 proved to be totally informative: All important information and testing certificates can be called up via an NFC chip that is built into the plastic casing on the reverse side of the power bank. The NFC chip is scanned with the smartphone using a free app (NFC reader) and thus enables access to an online area that is specially set up for the power bank. Here, among others documents on product safety, hazardous material information, the sea and air freight classification, the product data sheet, CE and FCC conformity as well as instructions for use are displayed and the complete supply chain made transparent. The page containing the certifications can be adapted to suit the respective company’s CI, furthermore customer-specific information can be saved on the NFC chip. The power pack that was distinguished in the category Communicative Products can additionally be fully-surface imprinted in CI colours and comes in a choice of different surfaces. The intuitively operatable energy reserve weighing 190 g is equipped with two USB ports, a micro-USB input and a charging status display with four LEDs. The lithium polymer battery has a capacity of 8,000 mAh and is delivered together with a USB charging cable and operating instructions.

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