kandinsky pga2019 300x200 - Exclusive resetKandinsky flew past its fellow competitors in the Promotional Gift Award 2019 with an individually developed attachment for pencils. The gadget that was distinguished in the category Custom-made designs is a reset tool that was exclusively developed for dormakaba: The employees of the company that specialises in security systems are frequently faced with the task of resetting a small circuit board. Up until now tools such as a screwdriver or an insulated wire were used for the purpose, whereby they only completed the task in an unsatisfactory manner. dormakaba was looking for an alternative that touched two metal points located next to each other without coming into contact with the other adjacent metal parts. Furthermore, the product was to act as a promotional item. A challenge that Kandinsky mastered with flying colours: A pencil bearing the dormakaba logo and the inscription “reset tool” was developed that was enhanced by an attachment comprising of a metal plate covered in silicon. The custom- made design that was perfectly aligned with the customer’s requirements and demands is much easier to handle than misappropriate tools and additionally prevents shortcuts and damaged circuit boards. The new development was implemented among others as a practical gift for employees and the participants of a certification seminar.

Kandinsky Deutschland GmbH

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