Suthor PGA 3 Becher RecyCup 300x200 - Eco-friendly cuppingSuthor secured itself a distinction in the category Give-aways at the Promotional Gift Award 2019 with RecyCup®. The optionally single or double- walled coffee-to-go mug convinces with a true innovation: Instead of being coated with a classic PE-coating (purely plastic) the cardboard of the cup is equipped with an “earthcoating®”, a new development, which according to company accounts, reduces the implementation of plastic by up to 60%. This means the cups are recyclable and – in contrast to comparable disposable models – can simply be thrown in the reusable paper waste, without having to compromise the haptic and sensory aspects, colour reproduction or customisation. For minimum order quantities of 100 pieces, the environmentally-friendly mugs can be freely individualised with a full-colour and full-surface digital or offset print (CMYK). According to Suthor, RecyCup is the first recyclable coffee-to-go cup for the promotional sector. Thanks to the implementation of the novel material, the model can be customised following the normal procedure and at the same time paves the way to a more sustainable attitude towards resources. Whether for a POS promotion, trade show or event – mug-based campaigns can continue to be employed in future too, because the medium remains in use long-term.

Suthor Papierverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG

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