Rastal Smartglass Bier 300x200 - Crystal clear innovationRastal is presenting a novel printing technology, the Smartprint technique, which makes it possible for the first time to combine a drinking glass and the NFC technology (Near Field Communication) long-term, which is especially aligned with the high usage and cleaning demands of the catering sector. The innovative “digitalisation of the drinking glass” namely creates a real-time connection between the consumer, catering company and beverage industry. The result: A wealth of new possibilities – from digital deposit management for reusable systems, to controlled self-service and cash-free payment solutions, through to real-time filling status measurement or regional donation campaigns. “As a result of the digitalisation, the glass becomes a means of communication with real added value. It can be adapted to campaigns and different occasions such as prize draws at any time and raises exclusive brand glasses up to the technological level of the future,” was the verdict of the Promotional Gift Award jury, which distinguished the Smartprint technique in the category Customising Technologies.


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