emotionfactory Wellkarton Pflanzwuerfel Mini MOOD 300x200 - Coherent packageGrowing advertising messengers with natural charm are the core competence of emotion factory. The company is going one better with the plant cube Mini made of corrugated cardboard and is presenting an environmental messenger par excellence. The cube namely comprises of a regrowing raw material that forms a harmonious unit together with a substrate tablet and seeds, which quickly turns the recipient into a gardener. The innovative usage of corrugated cardboard in the “promotion and growing” section and the sustainable character of the overall package also convinced the jury members of the Promotional Gift Award 2019, who promptly awarded the item a distinction in the category Give-aways. The popular advertising messenger that can be delivered with the desired seeds is produced in line with the provisions of the environmental management norm ISO 14001; on request the product is also available in organic quality. Promoting companies that literally want to take root with their target group, can have the surrounding sleeve individually designed, furthermore an additional advertising window can be placed on one side of the cube.

emotion factory
Heri-Rigoni GmbH

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