Riedle Papiertragetasche RIEDLE Nature Graspapier NFP 2 1 300x200 - Advertising messengers from the meadowAnyone, who thinks all good promotion ideas have been long since grazed away, haven’t got Bags by Riedle on their radar. The company took a look around the fields, forests and meadows and promptly developed a sustainable bag called Riedle Nature that harvested a distinction in the category Give-aways in the Promotional Gift Award 2019. Made of 50% sun-dried grass and 50% customary wood-free FSC cellulose, according to company accounts, Riedle Nature is the only bag of its kind on the promotional products market. The practical companion is biodegradable as well as recyclable and convinces with multisensory features, because in addition to the visual and haptic components, the material displays a further sensory element in the form of its typical grass scent. A selection of customising options turn the eco-friendly item into an advertising messenger: In addition to an all-over offset print, hot foil and relief embossing, matching carrying straps and cords, punched grip holes in individual shapes as well as diverse bag formats and layout options enable viable implementations of the respective client’s CI. According to Bags by Riedle, the production process using grass-based cellulose saves 1.5 times the amount of energy compared to waste paper versions, causes only 77% of the emissions, requires 4,500 times less water and has a lower acidification potential by a factor of 5. The grass-based cellulose is extracted from compensation areas and wasteland that don’t have to be especially cultivated for the purpose. The bag specialist that holds the FSC certification ultimately proves that it feels quite at home in the green sector with its 100% climate-neutral production and the fact that it uses 100% green energy generated from hydropower.


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