Hagemann 1E5Q4797 300x200 - Adapted in a distinguished wayWebasto specialises among others in charging solutions for electric vehicles. To promote the new Webasto Wallbox, the company was seeking an item that looked like a charging station – and found the perfect partner for the task: the advertising agency Hagemann. The masterpiece: a rucksack that demonstrates the striking characteristics of the charging solution using different materials. The charging status indicator that boasts three modi – permanently lit, flashing slowly or fast – is the item’s special highlight, which can be activated via an on/off switch in the side pocket. Furthermore, the rucksack additionally pays tribute to the theme safety in an original way. Two linings in the colours red and blue, the second corporate colour of Webasto, were integrated into the carrying strap of the model that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Custom-made Designs. Due to its high-quality design and visual similarity to the actual product, the rucksack impressed the target group of the Webasto specialised distributors and thus also demonstrated a high communicative potential in its concrete usage.

Werbemittelagentur Hagemann GmbH

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