Brueggemann 1E5Q4792 300x195 - A warming thank youOn behalf of the supply company, EWE, the agency B&F Brüggemann & Freunde developed a special gift for the target group of farmers or operators of organic thermal power plants. The thank you present was supposed to convey appreciation, had to be mailable and of practical use during the cold winter months. A discrete branding was also on the wish-list to underline the gift character of the item. Requirements that B&F mastered perfectly with the 3D-Box “Thank you” with a hat. The box that was consistently styled in the corporate design of EWE initially stands out with a slide mechanism that increases the suspense and arouses the play instinct – namely the words “Danke Schön” (German for “thank you nicely“) turn into “Schön Warm“ (German for nice and warm). A charming word game that perfectly suits the woollen hat contained inside the box. The cover letter attached to the left-hand side serves as a personal address, hence in combination with the plain, yet high-quality brand-name hat a special feeling of appreciation is conveyed. Last, but not least the discretely branded hat shows the consigner’s particular understanding for the everyday routine of the addressed target group that has to work outdoors in all possible weather conditions. The concept snapped up an award in the category Best Practice.

B&F Brüggemann & Freunde

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