Pagani DNA img 1 Kopie 300x200 - A true individualistThe Identity Pen from the new DNA series of Prodir amazed the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2018 with its countless design options. For instance, the innovative writing instrument series allows an almost unlimited choice of materials for the creation of individual models, among others with structured surfaces or soft-touch haptics. Promoting companies can express their totally unique own corporate DNA with the exceptional unique specimens. For example, different materials, surfaces and colours can be selected for the four differently sized and largely individually imprintable parts of the barrel, which once combined with the clip and tip become a high-quality retractable ballpoint that carries the quality seal “Swiss made”. The arrangement of the parts that form the barrel can be reassembled at will by the user of the writing instrument – in this way it is assured that the recipient will occupy himself intensively with the logo and advertising message. The revolutionary newcomer was distinguished in the category Communicative Products.

Pagani Pens SA Prodir Division

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