Utopia IMG 1203 Kopie 300x200 - Sets a sustainable toneThe good old record is totally on trend again. But the vinyl records aren’t celebrating their comeback as phonograms, the records are instead landing a hit as haptic messengers with retro charm. The vinyl upcycling set by utopia design comprises of a clock, a notebook and a pen, which are produced from old LPs and paper. Both the clock and the recycled notepaper are designed according to the customer’s requirements; the writing instrument is made of old printed material of the respective customer. The items are produced by hand in the Czech Republic with the support of non-profit making organisations. The writing set that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2018 in the category Custom-made Designs is ideal for promoting companies that are celebrating an anniversary or want to underline their CSR strategy with an upcycling product. Among others, the set designed by Jakub Mastík was implemented for the “Cannes in Prague” in 2017, here information material that had been implemented for the “Cannes in Prague” 2016 was used to make the writing instrument. Each of the products realised for the conference is an exclusive unique specimen that attracts attention and thanks to their high practical value hit exactly the right tone with the target group.

utopia design s.r.o.

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