Koenitz 11 1 162 2247 Kopie 201x300 - For creative coffee breaksThe Selfmade Mug by Könitz Porzellan is imprinted with a scribble using the selfmade technology, which can be subsequently coloured in with crayons thanks to the matt interior. The crayoning can be easily wiped off, enabling it to be applied again and again. Photos of company headquarters or product photos, logos or slogans for instance can be used as the draft for the scribbles, the individual sketches are produced by the KönitzPlus designers by hand. These are then applied to the mugs as an all-round imprint or as a smaller logo illustration. Furthermore, the brand collection of Könitz contains diverse standard motifs, including “The Little Prince” as a licensing product or “Best Mom” and “Best Dad”. Whether with or without colour – decorated with desired motifs and the superior matt polished surface, the mugs that are produced in Germany are assured not to disappear to the back of the kitchen cabinet and thanks to their colouring option the users are also guaranteed to occupy themselves intensively with the product. Plenty of reasons for the item to win a Promotional Gift Award 2018 in the category Customising Technologies.

Könitz Porzellan GmbH

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