Tradeconthor Allroundo Plus Perspektive und Auf V2 vorschau 300x200 - Connects everywhereTradeconthor has oriented itself to the needs of the digital natives and has come up with an innovative charging concept called allroundo®. The according to company accounts first all-in-one charging concept worldwide offers the perfect connection at all times to connect mobile end devices with a source of power – from the iPhone to Siri Remote, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo DS through to the Samsung Galaxy S8. All modern connection options are included and work almost intuitively. For example, a modern magnet function supports the connection to existing USB 2.0 and USB-C ports. On the side equipped with the plug system, USB-C, lightning and micro-USB ports ensure the convenient connection of the mobile devices. The 50 cm long spiral cable excels with high charging speeds. As with all other connections, in addition to the mobile charging function thanks to an MFi license Apple users can also use the cable for data transmission purposes. Thanks to its compact size, the all-rounder that picked up a Promotional Gift Award 2018 in the category Communicative Products fits inside every trouser pocket or briefcase and can also be attached to one’s key ring. The smart must-have, which pays homage to the original telephone with a round dial, was created by the famous Berlin-based agency, Emami Design. For minimum order quantities of 50 pieces there is a choice between numerous individualisation options; for orders of 1,000 pieces upwards, all parts of the product can be dyed in pantone colours.

Tradeconthor GmbH

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