Praesentstudio Soennecken IMG 9907 - A miniature with maximum impactThe employees of a storage tank manufacturer came up with a fantastic idea for paying tribute to their boss: Präsentstudio Soennecken was commissioned with designing an extraordinary gift to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the company and at the same time the retirement of the founder and business owner: A storage tank in miniature format. However, the unique item not only impressed as a true-to-detail replica of the storage tank system built by the company for four decades, it also offers surprises with an additional practical usage, namely as a weather station.

The true-to-detail farewell gift is made of bent, welded steel painted nine times and features three applications for a thermometer, hygrometer and a clock. The miniature tank system that was distinguished in the category Custom-made Designs was manufactured in Germany. Furthermore, in honour of the recipient an aluminium base plate with a lasered inscription was attached to the tank unit’s clock, which will certainly constantly remind the founder of his company and loyal employees.

Präsentstudio SOENNECKEN e.K.

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